Demo Video: Real Time Vibration Analysis (low frequency)

In this demo video we demonstrate the precision of our sensor “3D ACC” in a simple setup:

In the setup, vibrations are caused by lightly scuffing the desk. These vibrations are spread over the whole setup, the low accelerations can be recognized small waves as waves on the surface of the cup containing blue liquid. The 3 axis accelerometer “3D ACC” used in the setup was conditioned with a frequency of 100 Hz. The slight vibrations are captured by the sensor and passed on to the visualisation software on the laptop by the USB converter “RS485i”. The low latency in data visualization allows for an immediate display and assessment of the amplitudes and the low accelerations affecting the setup.

For a user-friendly vibration diagnosis we are going to offer a measurement result visualisation via live FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation), displaying the essential frequency fractions with individual parameterization.

We didn’t want to withhold this spontaneously filmed documentation, therefore we ask for your understanding for the low quality of the video. We are currently producing a video with higher quality.

The R&D team of MEMSENSORS is available for any questions!