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Our sensor
in wind turbines

Anything is possible!

Our dynamic team develops sensors, data loggers and analysis methods for various applications according customers requirements. While our modern sensors and data loggers offer high robustness and maximal precision, our algorithms are capable of efficiently processing big amounts of data.

Our competence in different areas make us an ideal contact even for unusual customers wishes. The operation of our systems is affordable for a low budget and requires low personal expenses compared to existing solutions thanks to the simple installation process.

Interested? Contact us! In coordination with you, we will develop a complete package that will pay off.

Areas of application for our developments include:

  • Recognition of rotor imbalances in wind turbines
  • Vibration measurement in wind turbines
  • Monitoring of wear of components
  • Early detection of critical anomalies during operation
  • Automatical SMS warnings in case of critical operating state
  • Load measurement in bridges
  • Projection of operating time of structures based on real-time data