MEMSENSORS Data Analysis

smart – intelligent – convenient

Data access by mobile devices

Example: Frequence analysis

in Wind Energy Plants

Our Analysis Algorithms – highly efficient and adjusted to your individual requirements

Thanks to our experience in signal analysis, our algorithms are able to efficiently analyse big amounts of data. The requirements towards hardware are low, therefore no high performance computer is needed for data processing. Our procedures create the possibility to accurately determine essential parameters like e.g. characteristic frequency of a component. These core parameters are recorded with high temporal accuracy. The gathered vibration data provide miscellaneous informations about the condition of a facility or single components.

Since our modern data analysis procedures can be programmed for individual customers needs, and data output is possible in different formats, we offer you maximal flexibility.

Combined with our data loggers and sensors, our analysis methods form an attractive overall package that provides maximal informations on facility condition for a minimal effort.

Applications of our analysis algorithms include:

  • Determination of frequency spectra of vibration data
  • Determination of frequencies of single components, e.g. characteristic frequency of wind power plants
  • Quick recognition of critical operating statuses based on vibration data
  • Long term monitoring of performance of wind power plants
  • Measurement of work load in bridges based on vibration data
  • Data access possible on mobile devices