MEMSENSORS Unbalance Monitoring

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Recognize unbalances

Wind Power Plant – Frequency spectra

Abnormalities of rotor frequency can indicate a rotor unbalance

During the operation of wind energy plants, due to the mass distribution the whole structure is subject to strong forces. Therefore, heavy vibrations occur. While those vibrations normally keep within reasonable limits, several causes might lead to unbalances in the rotor: On one side, irregular mass distributions can occur during manufacturing of the rotor blades and lead to imbalances, as do damages in the rotor or turbulences from neighbouring wind energy plants; on the other side, a wrong adjustment of the blade angle can cause imbalances.

Using conventional maintenance processes, these critical operating states are often recognized behind time and then cause expenses for reperatures and stand-still time. Therefore the operation of a Monitoring System for early detection of problematic components is reasonable. For this purpose we offer optimal solutions:

Our 3-axis accelerometers “3D ACC” and the measuring systems that are adjustable to individual requirements can be used offline as well as online and can be taken into operation even by laymen. Deviations from regular conditions can be detected by analysis of the structures vibration behavior using measurements e.g. at the main bearing. Our efficient algorithms analyse frequency spectra in detail; both vibrations and deviations can be matched to relevant components. When a limit is exceeded, alerts can be sent automatically via SMS or E-Mail. This means early detection and allows to initiate provisions (e.g. for blade angle correction) before further harm occurs. Therefore the financial expenses for repair are reduced and the facilities lifetime can be increased.

Are you suspicious and would like to analyse the vibrations of your plant? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will design an attractive comprehensive package for you!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Precision in low-frequency range, exact detection (among others) of the rotor frequency
  • simple online calibration of the sensors
  • early recognition of deviations during operation
  • automatical warning SMS in case of critical operating status
  • cheap montage thanks to simple design