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Our multifunctional sensor

“3D ACC”

Our multifunctional sensor 3D ACC – a novelty in low-frequency vibration analysis

Our multifunctional sensors “3D ACC” are designed for precise frequence analyses in the low-frequency range from 0,1 to 10 Hz. High flexibility and an ideal cost-benefit ratio are core advantages of our sensors that allow to record both acceleration and inclination of components. Since the measurement chain is stripped down to a minimum, disturbations by environmental influences are very low. This makes our sensors a robust and reliable solution. The standalone feature of our sensors, however, is the low noise ratio of 0,087 mg RMS/√Hz at an Output Data Rate of 100 Hz. The intelligent design allows for an individual adjustment of every sensor to needs of measurement and customers and makes it possible to calibrate sensors online in setup.

Combined with our proprietary processing algorithms and the integrated online monitoring solution that reduces costs for both service and maintenance, this sensor is an economically attractive product for stateful maintenance that offers ideal value for money.

The multifunctional, 3-axis accelerometer “3D ACC”  is based on the integration of modern MEMS technologies in the proprietary sensor architecture. Our sensors “3D ACC” fulfill the IP65 classification and DI Guideline 3834 ”Measurement and Assessment of mechanical vibrations in Wind Energy Plants”. This means a broad spectra of applications for our sensors.

Demo Video: The “coffee cup test”  real-time vibration analysis

The most important features of the multifunctional sensor “3D ACC” include:

  • Acceleration measurement in 3 axes- 16 bit resolution
  • 360° inclinometer in 3 axes- 0,000001° resolution
  • extended temperature range: -20 bis +60° C
  • low noise – 0,087 mg RMS/√Hz (at an Output Data Rate of 100 Hz)
  • resolution down to 0,02 mg
  • sensor bandwith: 0,0-800 Hz (individually adjustable)
  • Resolution up to 17,5 bit in high resolution mode
  • 10.000 g shock resistance; resistant to humidity
  • supply voltage: 3,8 V – 15,0 V
  • +/-2 g to +/-16 g Scale