smart – intelligent – convenient

Our focus – developing a new generation of intelligent sensors for vibration analysis in IoT and Industry 4.0

We offer flexible, robust solutions that are fitted to current requirements in the Industry 4.0. High quality for a low price and maximal user-friendliness are our aspiration towards our products. Together with our data loggers and our efficient data analysis methods, our intelligent sensors form an attractive overall package that is individually tailerd to your needs. The special focus of our innovations is on the constant monitoring of component vibrations during operation; in combination with the automated data processing by our modern analysis algorithms this allows for a reliable monitoring of operating conditions.

By documenting the load spectra, our robust systems provide reliable informations on function, condition and wearout of components, machines and structures. Predictive maintenance can vastly shorten reaction times and avoid expansive sequels by timely detection of system deviation from its normal condition. This allows to minimize standstill time and increase the profitability of facilities.

MEMSENSORS products: